Friday, 10 April 2020

Norman Army III

Just a quick update for today. I managed to get a spare half-hour this morning and put a little more paint onto the Norman spearmen. I got all of the men-at-arms to the same stage - their armour and over-garments have now been completed...

I am aware that showing each stage of painting is probably a little boring for readers, but I am using it as an aide de memoir as to how I painted these troops. With the next units, I will not be showing every stage, just the most important/different ones from these.

I will also list the paints used once these are completed so I have a permanent reminder of which colours I used and in which order I applied them. That way, when/if these units are ever added to to make up numbers for a particular rules set, then the menu is already here for ease of reference.

I will be taking a break from painting these for a week or two now as the kids are away but I may try to get on with something else gaming wise. I have been invited to join a D&D online game - I have created my account, and now I am working through the rest of the emails I have been sent to get fully set up in order to play in the next week or two. I will try to keep you updated on how this all works.

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