Thursday, 9 April 2020

Norman Army II

Well, I was true to my word and managed to get an hour's worth of painting in today whilst I had the light. I put three more colours onto the Normans, which has brought them to life quite a bit now. Littlun is very pleased with the results so far and is already relishing getting them into action on the gaming table.

The second "colour" to go on was a dark flesh, This really tested my eyesight; I was trying to paint onto a black canvas, where my eyes could hardly make out any detail. I think I have gone over the lines a few times here but, again, I will try to tidy as I go along with each successive layer...

These photos are a little harsher in contrast today as I decided to use the flash on my phone camera as yesterday's photos were quite dark and not a lot of detail could be made out. My main camera is put away somewhere around the house and I no longer have any form of permanent set-up for photo taking, so I am reduced to camera phone snap shots for a while.

The third colour really started to bring the figures to life and will be the colour that ties all of the men-at-arms in this small army together...

Finally, for today anyway, I painted the leg wear...

Not a bad bit of work looking back at it - about 4 hours in total so far (glueing, undercoating and 4 stages of colour on one unit).

I am not sure what games system these will be used for yet, but he can decide what he wants to play as and when the army is completed (and hopefully some baddies to go up against).

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