Monday, 3 June 2019

LotR Rohan Army

Lord of the Rings Rohirrim Army (Prepped and/or Undercoated)

Managed to get some work done on things over the weekend in between running the kids around and various other stuff on my plate, so this post is being published a little earlier in the day than usual.

Due to being my favourite Lord of eth Rings faction, this was the first army I started prepping and painting several years ago. I managed to complete 24 Riders and 36 Warriors of Rohan back then. I even got to play a few games with some of them down at my local GW when it was still open. These miniatures will form the core of my Rohan army and the figures will be used as parts of any force under any commander - kind of generic troops that can fit in anywhere within the army.

I didn't previously take a before shot with these, so here is the prepped and/or undercoated picture of the figures so far; taken today. There are a lot of miniatures here...

There are loads of different types of warrior in the Rohan faction ranging from the standard warriors and riders of Rohan, via elites like Royal Guard, Sons of Eorl and Outriders, to the goodly amount of named heroes. Rohan, as an army, offers a fair bit of variety tactically but the troops are fairly standard, building on a theme of a mounted warrior culture, with nothing really "out there" in terms of fluff like warmachines, monsters, wizards or whatever. That said, it is a solid army and looks darned good on the tabletop - who doesn't like to see a full-on massed cavalry charge?

48 Rohan warriors
36 Rohan riders

3 Theoden (2xmtd, 1xft)
10 Royal Guard (mtd)
2 Royal Guard banners (mtd)
12 Royal Guard (ft)
Grima Wormtongue
5 Gamling (2xmtd banner, 1xft banner, 2xft)

3 Theodred (2xmtd, 1xft)
6 Sons of Eorl (mtd)
6 Sons of Eorl (ft*)

5 Eomer (Marshall (ft*&mtd), 2xmtd, 1xft)
4 Outriders (2xft, 2xmtd)

4 Eowyn (3xft, 1xmtd)

2 Erkenbrand (ft & mtd)
3 Grimbold (ft, banner, horn)

6 Captains (4xft, 2xmtd)
3 Banners (2xft, 1xmtd)

Aragorn (mtd)
2 Merry

This gives a total of 163 Eorlingas: the biggest army so far. I wonder how Gondor and Isengard will compare? Looking at what I have here and the plans I originally had for the army, I don't think I will be purchasing any more figures (unless they come with something else). There will have to be a lot of doubling up of what each figure is used for rather than representing each unit I would like to collect as a separate entity.

The vast majority of these miniatures are from Games Workshop, but a few that are marked * are from Unreleased Miniatures - I discussed these in a previous post. Looking at the plastic warrior and rider miniatures now and comparing them to more modern figures, they seem very basic, with lots of big areas where undercuts could not be circumvented except by straight line fill, but at the time they were cutting edge. There is a certain aesthetic and appeal to these miniatures that time hasn't dulled. I like them a lot.


  1. Thank you Tiago. Hopefully get some points values for them soon to see what size of an army I can field if every miniature is used (without duplicating heroes).