Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Lord Kaldor Draigo

Here's the next couple of space marines from Alex. First up is Lord Kaldor Draigo. Alex picked this up second hand off a stall at a gaming convention recently at a good price; ready made and undercoated. He has done three-stage shading on this one but I think the shading is too subtle to show up in the photographs - I especially like the way he has painted the face. I think he has painted him as a Space Wolf, thus the bare metal Terminator armour. I am sure when Alex reads this he will sceam at me for being an idiot and let me know what chapter he is actually from, so I will update the post if I have got it wrong.

UPDATE - Yep I got it wrong. He is a Grey Knight!

This next mini is the limited edition one you get from the Assault on Black Reach box set. Again, he got it second hand from a show we attended a little while back. He has painted this one with the block paint and wash method to fit in with the rest of his standard Space Marines. I think his brush work is getting neater and he is making fewer mistakes now; he just needs to start pushing his limits with the 3 stage painting to perhaps a more blended style approach. It will come with time though. It took me thirty odd years to get to where I am (which is not so good) but I didn't push myself, so never really improved after the first year. I wish I had done so as I am now happy with mediocre paint jobs when maybe I could be producing stuff a tad better. I am great at giving the advice but not so good at following it!

Next up should be some more of Alex's figures and then maybe a few of mine.


  1. Looking very good :) I am jealous of you getting to share your hobby like that!

  2. Thanks Adeptgamer.

    It is nice being able to pass on my enthusiasm to teh next generation. My daughters will be next as they want to paint princesses. I think EBob does a few, so I will put an order into him for a few of his minis soon for them to paint.