Sunday, 4 July 2010

Roman Auxiliary Spearmen

Here is a picture of the first 'squad' of Western Roman Auxiliary Spearmen. I have two units of these to paint up; one unit in green and another in blue (to support a unit of Eastern Archers). These are Warlord Games' metal minis, on eof six poses. I have also added a small command of Centurion, standard and cornicen to lead them.

My aim is to create a borderland (Hadrian's Wall?) unit comprising a Century of legionaries, a couple of units of auxiliary spearmen, a couple of units of archers, a cavalry regiment and some Numidian allies, some slingers, a few war machines and a fair few command types (legate, Primus Pilus and so on).

I made some more progress on my Rohan army too. Almost all are now glued up and undercoated. I also dug out some Gripping Beast Arthurian types, so I will see if they fit in scale and sculpt wise to make up the numbers even more.

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