Sunday, 4 July 2010

Rohan begins...

I have now started on my Rohan army for Games Workshop's Strategy Battle Game. All warrior and Rider sprues have been glued and undercoated. I have also started painting a few of the horses. Some of the metals have been cleaned up and undercoated but I am still not sure how I wish to base the elites, command and heroes.

Standard troops and riders are on the bases supplied by GW, but I really like the look of display bases for setting apart 'quality' troops. I have a stack of cavalry sized bases for the purpose that are the same diameter, but the foot bases are 30mm diameter as opposed to standard 25mm. This gives a small advantage to troops attacking them, but I am not too fussed as they are tough cookies anyway. This base size issue in itself is no problem except if I want to use them for War of the Ring (not that I have the rules anyway), when the larger bases won't fit into the sabot bases for units. I have to say I am more of a skirmish gamer, so I will just have to make my mind up in the next few days as to whether I want to play WotR or not. I have played one session down at my local GW, and found the combat a bit too simplistic and brutal for my liking.

I will continue working on some of those half-completed models this weekend too. I am currently putting the finishing touches to those Roman auxiliary spearmen. The first squad should hopefully be finished today.

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