Sunday, 14 March 2010

More Western Roman Auxiliary Archers

This week saw me complete the second batch of auxiliary archers from the western part of the Empire. These chaps look very Gaulish, from the 'taches, and most probably served on one of the frontierlands like Hadrian's Wall or along the Rhine.

The picture below shows all 16 of them. I have a large unit of normal auxiliary troops that they will be attached to, which I will try to get round to painting sometime later this year.

All of these minis are part of the Warlord Games Early Imperial Roman range.
Next up on the blog will be some fantasy minis. I have a couple more wizardly types to finish, a troll and some Dark Age style footmen, as well as those pesky 2000AD Judges (but these may take a little while longer as I will be ordering them some new bases).
I am a little behind on my painting tally so far this year, but the next few weeks should see me catch up a little.
I managed to sort out some of my Games Workshop Rohan troops this weekend. So far I have the following to get started on...
36 Warriors of Rohan
24 Riders of Rohan
6 Royal Guard on foot
6 mounted Royal Guard
Several heroes (Theoden, Eomer, Gamling, Hama, Eowyn and Theodred)
In boxes I still have more elite and hero style troops.
I will get a fully documented table added soon including points values. Should keep me out of mischief for a while at least.

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