Monday, 31 December 2012

Men of the Cloth

I managed to finish off a few more fantasy miniatures today. The rain stopped me going out again, so out came the brushes and paints instead. These four clerics are all old Citadel I think from a variety of ranges from the 80s...

I decided to go for a brown and red colour scheme for them all to represent mud and blood. I don't know why I decided on that scheme, it just popped into my mind at the time I started to paint them. I am not too keen that the figures have been scuplted with overtly Christian iconography because I would have preferred to have been able to use my own religious symbols. First up is a male cleric in full armour...

The second figure comes from a slightly later range. Again he seems to be in pretty much full armour, so in my mind would represent a successful (meaning high level) adventurer.

I thought I would show off the shield design on the above cleric as it creates a dichotomy - Christian cross on his breastplate but devils on the shield of the same figure. The heavy dry-brushing I did on this shield looks much better in real life than in the photo below - there is a lot more shade in the recesses. I also wanted to show just how much work some of the earlier old skool sculptors could put into their miniature making if desired.

Third up is a female cleric. She only has maille beneath her surcoat, so I see her as a lower level ecclesiastic adventurer. Again she is covered in crosses (on the surcoat and on the shield)...

This figure was used as one of my earliest player characters when I played AD&D back in the late 70s and early 80s. She was called Ennericca and reached the heady heights of 13th level. The colour scheme she used to be painted in was purple and white, but I didn't feel taht really fit in with my revamped fantasy world, so I got out the paint stripper and repainted her to match. I have also renamed her slightly, she is now known as Anna Reikhardt - a high-priestess of Sol Invictus, as part of a world redesign and rebirth.

I think this is just about it for figure painting for this year - a rather disappointing tally to be quite honest. I will write a summary of my gaming achievements of 2012 and a summary of aspirations for 2013 tomorrow in my first blog entry of the new year.

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  1. Never seen soo old figurines awesome!
    Btw I made tutorial for the goblins