Sunday, 21 November 2010

Its in the trees

I managed to do a fair bit of painting and sorting out yesterday. The Riders of Rohan are coming along nicely and will hopefully be finished in a few weeks' time. I started on a few more old RPG style Fighter and Rogue types that I still have left lying around on my lead mountain. One thing (well, three to be exact) I did manage to complete were some Woodland Scenics trees - see picture below...

I had high hopes for these and do think they look quite realistic but they tend to shed the clumping material a tad too easily. Maybe it was my gluing technique that has led to this moulting? I will soon find out when I complete a few more over the coming weeks.

Next up should be some fighter and rogue types from the 80s and 24 GW Riders of Rohan for the 28mm scale, and hopefully I can get started on the command units for my 15mm Doggerland/HotT armies.


  1. There is unrest in the forest
    There is trouble with the trees
    for the maples want more sunlight
    but the oaks ignore their pleas.

    Er...sorry...a flood of Rush to the head.

    Nice looking trees. For gaming I tend to stick with hardier varieties. They don't look as good though.

  2. Check this video from Woodland Scenics.
    A light coat of diluted Woodland Scenics matte medium or some dulcote can help.
    Nice blog.

  3. Thanks for the helpful comments guys. I will try to take a look at that video later on CPBelt and see what I can do. Thanks for the kind comments on the blog.