Sunday, 23 May 2010

The barbarian hordes keep coming

Here is another stand of barbarian mercenaries for Hordes of the Things. These are the penultimate set of spearmen. The chap in the middle is a converted swordsmen with a wire spear.

Next up is the last stand of blades with the same swordsman figure as above but in his normal pose with normal weapon.

The final picture below is of the last three stands of barbarians. This brings my painted total to 5 stands (with one more to go) that can be used with the giant I based up for HotT as a small mercenary band. I may try to find some more barbarians just to get a Hero stand to lead them all. This little unit looks quite handy together and will be good as a bunch of sell-swords for either my orc/goblin or dwarf armies.

As you can see from the posts today and yesterday, Alex and I have been fairly busy over the last few weeks to get to this stage. We still have stacks more in half-completed mode that will make their way onto the blog over the next few weeks. I think Alex's skills have come on a heck of a lot in the last year. He paints a lot better than most adults I know and I keep forgetting he is still only 10 years old. I will teach him a few more tricks in the coming months so he can improve his technique further.
Alex has Elladan, 3 heavy spearmen, 3 heroes on foot and HotT Elf general stand to complete over the next couple of weeks.
I have 5 classic barbarians, 2 more wizards, a giant, 2 demons, about 25 or so Roman auxilia, 15 Celt warriors and one final stand of HotT barbarians.
My aim is to get all of these finished by the Solstice so I can then start on my Rohan army. These are still in their drawer ready to be cut from the sprues, glued and undercoated etc in readiness for a summer assault. I will progressively improve the painting style on them so I can push myself with each type of warrior. Basic plastic warriors will be my usual style of block colours and wash, elite troops will have a basic 3-colour shading technique, captains and minor heroes will have a little more blending done on them and finally, I will try to paint faces etc on the major heroes. I'm not sure whether my skills are up for the latter two stages, but hopefully I can achieve more than I have done in the past.

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